Hot Tub Maintenance

Owning and maintaining a hot tub can be a daunting prospect; afterall, it is a significant investment. Here at Ribble Valley Spas, we understand that you want to enjoy your hot tub, which means taking care of it in the best way that you can. In our beginner's guide, we help you through the first initial steps when it comes to hot tub maintenance.

The Basics

When you're filling up your hot tub for the first time, it is essential to ensure that you give the water a high dose of sanitiser. Adding 60g of chlorine granules per 1,500 litres of water starts the sanitisation process. Ensure you allow the levels to drop to 3-5mg/l before using the hot tub.
If you're using your hot tub for bather use, we recommend using chlorine and bromine granules rather than tablets, only adding this when the hot tub pump is running. 

Circulation & Filtration

Ensure you regularly check the filtration system of your hot tub and that it is in good working order. When this becomes dirty, the performance of your filter can deteriorate and can lead to dirty and potentially contaminated water. Depending on usage, filters generally need cleaning weekly; however, we do recommend more frequent cleaning if you use your hot tub a lot more.

Testing The Water

One of the vital steps when it comes to hot tub care and maintenance. Using test strips will indicate the PH and total alkalinity levels of the water quickly and accurately. This allows you to make any chemical adjustments that may be needed.
Our advice is to test your water daily whether the hot tub is in use or not. When testing your hot tub, it's essential to follow the instructions of your testing kit carefully. After testing your hot tub for a while, you will eventually become accustomed to how much chemicals are required to balance the levels and how general usage will affect the readings.
General Cleaning
Consider cleaning the hot tub frequently, helping to optimise the use of any chemicals dosed into the hot tub water. Ensure you use specific cleaning chemicals as some household products contain chemicals that cause foaming.
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