Hot Tub Delivery

At Ribble Valley Spas we include a full delivery and installation package as standard.

A two-man team will bring the hot tub to your home and, using our specialist equipment, move it into your garden and put it in its final place, provided suitable groundwork has been prepared beforehand.

We’ll then connect it to your electricity supply (provided it has been prepared in advance by your electrician). We’ll install any accessories, such as a cover lifter and steps.

We’ll then fill the hot tub using your hosepipe, test it is fully operational, and add chemicals. We’ll give you a overview of its operation, making sure you’re comfortable with the features and controls.

Delivery Process

We have a range of specialist equipment that is designed and built for moving hot tubs safely, including our SpaKart and SpaSledge.

Primarily, we will use the SpaKart as this is the easiest method due to it having wheels and a double axle.

The dimensions (in mm) of the SpaKart are below:

Note the length of the kart and its wheel axles – tight 90-degree turns are often not possible, so please ensure you consider the route to your garden. Our hot tubs are delivered on their sides, on the kart. Many are over 90cm in depth, meaning they will be almost 100cm wide when on the kart.

We require a minimum of 100cm of clear width, including drainpipes, taps etc. Bear in mind the hot tubs length will become its height when it’s on its side, so any drainpipes, vents and windowsills will need to be considered.

If you do not have sufficient access, you may need to consider an alternative route. Can fence panels be removed, for example? Or gates? Bear in mind this will need to be ready upon our arrival as we do not make any modifications to your property.

If the hot tub needs to be lifted over a garage, wall, fence, or the entire property, this can be done with either a HIAB or a full crane. The cost for this can vary from £250 for a HIAB to £500-700 for a crane. Please let us know before ordering if access is limited so we can provide a custom quote dependent on your specific needs

Swim Spa Delivery

Weights of a typical swim spa vary from about 600kg up to 1400kg. These weights mean its impossible to push or lift your swim spa manually, so deliveries nearly always require either a hiab equipped truck or a crane to lift the pool to its destination.

We appreciate that the thought of a 1400 kg pool going over the roof of your house is quite a scary proposition, but we have installed swim spas in all sorts of locations without incident including two on the sixth floor terrace of a city centre hotel.

- First, we only recommend quality crane companies and we do not recommend cash-only, one man crane operators.
- Secondly, we make sure one of our representatives is on site during the entire installation, and communicate directly to the crane driver via a radio or telephone through out the whole process. We take great care to get the pool or spa in on time and within budget, and with no damage to property or drive.

Delivery Costs Beyond the UK Mainland

For delivery to Northern and Southern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Isle of Man, Isles of Scilly, and Channel Islands, please contact us for delivery charges.

On all overseas orders please contact us for delivery charges.

Delivery Cancellation

Delivery will need to be cancelled with at least 48 working hours notice. If we are noticed later than this point then there will be a cancellation charge of £150.

If your desired product is in stock

If your desired product is in stock you can expect it to be delivered in 5-28 workings days. If there are any weather problems or anything that may affect your estimated delivery time we will contact you. We will then explain if there will be any change to the date in which you will receive your product and hopefully a new estimated date. We cannot be blamed for any delivery delays after the product has left our warehouse but we can guarantee that we will try our hardest to find the problem and do what we can to sort it.

If your desired product is out of stock

If your desired product is out of stock you can expect it to be delivered in 6-12 weeks.