This warranty applies to the parts specified below for the period defined, as from the date of delivery to you and providing that you have completed your warranty registration form within 30 days of the delivery date. Warranty only applies for domestic use and any commercial use voids the warranty.

- 3 year frame warranty

- 2 years Aristech Acrylic® shell

- 2 years Balboa® parts 

- 1 year other spa components 

- 1 year PVC cabinet warranty 

- 1 year entertainment system

- 1 year cover warranty

Warranty Limitations: 

This warranty will not apply where it is found that the issue reported was caused by:

- Misuse of the Hot Tub

- Failure to maintain the Hot Tub properly including, but not limited to, the incorrect use of chemicals

- Build up of limescale or other issues caused by the water supply used.

- Modifications to the Hot Tub made for any reason

- Movement or relocation of the Hot Tub

This Warranty does not cover: 

- Issues caused by WiFi or Bluetooth (or other electronic transmission) reception

- Fuses, bulbs and gaskets

- Colour fastness of the spa cover

Defects, damage or failure caused by: 

- Any carrier, installer, you or other persons, pets or rodents

- Careless handling or improper care

- Improper installation (including failure to follow the provided installation instructions)

- Connections supplied by the installer

- Improper electrical supply

- Incorrect operation or lack of routine maintenance

- Operating the Hot Tub without the minimum amount of water or with the water at an inappropriate temperature

- Use of abrasive or improper cleaners

- Force Majeure / 'Acts of God'

Defects, damage or failure due to: 

- Normal wear and tear

- Improper installation

- Alterations without our written

- Accident

- Misuse or abuse

- Commercial or industrial use

- Use of any accessory not approved by the Hot Tub manufacturer

- Failure to follow the user manual

- Repairs made by any pary other than our authorised representative

Additionally, we will not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages or losses caused (including loss of use); plated parts when chemicals are used in the hot tub or when the hot tub is used with hard water; use of optional equipment not manufactured by the hot tub manufacturer regardless of the supplier; the units prior use as an operation of a display; or defects that should have been discovered prior to installation. 

A hot tub is not covered by this warranty if it or any of its components have been modified in any way, including the addition or removal of parts. A hot tub is not covered by this warranty if you have not completed the warranty registration form within 30 days of delivery. 

Whilst we aim to deliver stock items within 2-4 weeks (starting from receipt of payment), delivery times quoted are approximate and we cannot be held responsible for, nor offer compensation of any kind for, any factory errors or delays caused beyond our control (including, without limitation, Acts of God, delays pending customs clearance, governmental actions, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, labour disputes or restraints or delays affecting carriers or inability or delay in obtaining supplies of adequate or suitable materials).