What Makes A Premium Hot Tub?

By using the latest components from the best suppliers on the market we are ensuring that you are getting the best possible quality hot tub or swim spa. All of our products come with Nordic standard insulation, pop up Bluetooth speakers and water features as standard; plus a heavy duty winter cover, steps and full set up where one of the team will run through how to use and maintain everything.

How Much Will It Cost To Run?

All of our tubs run very similar set ups and we estimate that on fair usage of three 1 hour sessions per week it will cost around £60 per month to run.

Are Hot Tubs Easy To Maintain?

You will be amazed at how easy our hot tubs are to maintain; Just 5 to 10 minutes a week is all that is required of you to keep your hot tub clean, fresh and looking its best!

How Much Water Will My Hot Tub Use?

Not much at all. After filling, you can expect to use the water for around 12 weeks (depending on use) before changing it.

Are The Controls User-Friendly?

The control systems are manufactured by Balboa who are specialists in the industry. Trusted and reliable, they are comprehensive, multi-functional and simple to use.

Should I Switch My Hot Tub On And Off

We recommend you leave your hot tub running at all times, unless you are planning to not use it. For example you will be away for an extended period of time. Hot tubs are perfect for both summer and winter so there’s no reason why you would need to turn it off. Keeping your hot tub at a steady temperature is more efficient than continually cooling it down and heating it up again.

How Do You Drain A Hot Tub?

Our tubs have a bottom drain which you connect to a hose pipe and run to a drain. However to save time we recommend purchasing a submersible pump and roll flat hose which can drain the spa far quicker than gravity alone.

Why Are Your Hot Tubs More Reasonably Priced Than Others On The Market?

With years of experience importing from across the globe we have built up great relationships directly with some of the best factories. Meaning we simply get to cut out the middle man.

Will I need planning permission to install a hot tub?

Not usually, however, the installation of a hot tub or swim spa require planning permission, if it is in a conservation area, for instance, or the hot tub is part of a structure in the garden. If there are no restrictions, then you can usually put the equipment anywhere in your garden as long as it is installed on a level, solid base. If in doubt about whether planning is required, check with your local planning office for clarification.

Can I install a hot tub myself?

All of Ribble Valley Spa's hot tubs come with delivery and position as standard, if you would prefer to collect and install the tub yourself then just call us to discuss. If you want us to manage the full delivery and installation of your hot tub so its ready for you to get get in just select our delivery and installation option on the delivery page.

What if there is a water ban?

If there’s a hosepipe ban, you may still be permitted to fill or top-up your hot tub, but this may have to be with a bucket, rather than a hosepipe.  If there’s a drought order, your new hot tub can be filled during construction, but it can’t be topped up.  We have found that if the hot tub needs to be emptied for good reason, then the water suppliers may allow refilling, but it’s best to contact your water suppliers first.

How is access checked to ensure I can get my hot tub into my garden?

The delivery of a hot tub is not always an easy thing. It will be necessary for us to request pictures and videos of your garden and may then even arrange a site visit to assess access to your garden for the delivery to go ahead. Our expert installers will be on hand to assist. To get an idea on the requirements take a lot at our delivery page -

What are the average running costs for a hot tub?

All of our hot tubs are well insulated, ensuring running costs can be slightly reduced. Whilst the size of the hot tub, the model you order, the power output and your usage are all contributing factors, here's a rough idea on running costs.

Over the years, we have seen running costs range between £1.50 and £4.00 per day, We recognise that it is more effective to keep the hot tub running as opposed to turning it off, as the hot tub can use significant energy when re-heating.