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Will I need planning permission to install a hot tub?

Not usually, however, the installation of a hot tub or swim spa require planning permission, if it is in a conservation area, for instance, or the hot tub is part of a structure in the garden. If there are no restrictions, then you can usually put the equipment anywhere in your garden as long as it is installed on a level, solid base. If in doubt about whether planning is required, check with your local planning office for clarification.

Can I install a hot tub myself?

All of Ribble Valley Spa's hot tubs come with delivery and position as standard, if you would prefer to collect and install the tub yourself then just call us to discuss. If you want us to manage the full delivery and installation of your hot tub so its ready for you to get get in just select our delivery and installation option on the delivery page.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

There are a number of factors that affect the running costs of hot tubs and swim spas, including heat losses and usage. The greater the volume that needs heating, the higher the running costs. Water temperature is typically set between 36°C to 40°C, but in the summer, especially during very hot weather, this might be reduced to make the temperature more comfortable. The higher the water temperature is set, the more energy will be required to maintain it and therefore the higher the running costs. All of our products use best in class components and come with R-10 full foam insullation as standard to keep running costs as low as possible.

Over the years, we have seen running costs range between £1.00 and £4.00 per day depending on the usage, season and location. We recognise that it is more effective to keep the hot tub running as opposed to turning it off, as the hot tub can use significant energy when reheating.

What if there is a water ban?

If there’s a hosepipe ban, you may still be permitted to fill or top-up your hot tub, but this may have to be with a bucket, rather than a hosepipe.  If there’s a drought order, your new hot tub can be filled during construction, but it can’t be topped up.  We have found that if the hot tub needs to be emptied for good reason, then the water suppliers may allow refilling, but it’s best to contact your water suppliers first.

How often should I change the water?

Hot tubs are small bodies of water with relatively very high bathing loads. As water is used and recirculated, water treatment products and other particulates that aren't removed by the filters build up over time, and there comes a point when even correct water maintenance regimes are applied, the only corrective action remaining is to drain the hot tub down and refill. We recommend that water should  be changed between three and six months to maintain water quality.

How is access checked to ensure I can get my hot tub into my garden?

The delivery of a hot tub is not always an easy thing. It will be necessary for us to request pictures and videos of your garden and may then even arrange a site visit to assess access to your garden for the delivery to go ahead. Our expert installers will be on hand to assist. To get an idea on the requirements take a lot at our delivery page -