The Health Benefits of a Hot Tub You Didn’t Know!


When it comes to considering whether to take the plunge and purchase a hot tub, there are multiple reasons that you may consider. Would you believe it when we say that having an hot tub can have significant health benefits for you and your family? Unbelievable right? 

When it comes to the health benefits of a hot tub, there are 2 main factors. 

Hydrotherapy, Heat, Massage & Buoyancy

    When it comes to kicking back and relaxing in your hot tub, it's a common fact that the body’s temperature rises, causing the blood vessels to dilate which improves circulation. A big win right? But there’s more!

    When relaxing in your luxurious hot tub, it’s a common fact that your body’s weight is reduced by approximately 80-90%, which helps to relieve pressure on your joints which is a big win whilst your relaxing!

    Let’s not ignore the fact that the hydro jets in the hot tub also provide a pretty good massage right? Helping to relax tight muscles and triggers the release of endorphins, it’s a no brainer that you should take to a hot tub when experiencing pain!

    Relax and Let The Stress Soak Away

      Day to day life is pretty manic at times, we’re all guilty of taking on more than we can handle, that’s why it’s important to take some “me” time. Taking just 30 minutes to relax in an hot tub can allow you to de-stress and take away your troubles (to a certain extent!)

      So what do the experts say? Here’s what assumptions have been made:

      - Just five minutes in a hot tub and your pulse and blood pressure begin to drop as you become more relaxed.

      - After just 8 minutes, your hands and feet begin to warm up and improves circulation.

      - 12 minutes in and your muscles begin to relax, where your body encourages the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your body.

      - 15 minutes and your aches and pains begin to decrease.

      We all know that creating special memories and having a good time with friends and family is what we all need right now. So not to mention the health benefits, there’s also sociable benefits that can have a huge impact on your health.

      Please note, this is used as guidance only and is not intended to be used as medical diagnosis or treatment.